As the internet comes crawling to a halt today on Black Friday here’s a run down of the top 5 fonts being used on websites this year in 2018.

It’s not super important to avoid using these fonts in your branding, as they are great fonts – they’re popular for a reason (and honestly only designers usually recognise fonts anyway), but if you want your website to really look unique you should consider using an alternative. We’ve suggested some great alternative font combinations right¬†here.






It’s interesting to note that after the popularity of Courier up to just a few years ago, monospace fonts have quite a low representation online.

Bonus Fonts – Close contenders but 5 was a nicer sounding number…

Open Sans

Open Sans has been a popular font since it was designed in 2010. Originally commissioned by google, it was used until 2015 when they began using the newer ‘Product Sans’ font.

Helvetica Neau

The famous Helvetica, loved by designers everywhere, it’s even the basis for many design memes. Healvetica Neau is a slightly adapted version and is still used by Facebook.