We know we’ve been lax with our posts these last few months. The good news is that the reason is we’ve been very very busy building 6 lovely websites for clients and designing branding for 3, as well as lots of marketing graphic design – which is wonderful news for a shiny new design agency. So a big thank you, and welcome to all of our great new (very happy) clients.

However, as we’d like to follow the advice we give to our clients, that it’s important to post regularly with original content, you’re going to start seeing more regular posts – expect around 1 or 2 per week. Which we will be sharing to our Facebook and Linkedin pages (which we also advise our clients to do).

So let this be a small example of the type of post you could be writing if you’re struggling to think of unique or original content, or simply work in a less idea-rich industry. Little company updates go a long way towards building a personality for your company, as well as being little SEO injections if you just make sure to mention your keywords, such as the type of company you are, or the work you do, or have recently done – like we did in the first paragraph.

With that said, this post is intended as just a quick update, the actual weekly post will be released next week.