WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) platforms on the web. Making up almost 20% of all sites in the world (and climbing), more and more people want an easy way to access, edit, and add content to their websites. WordPress allows for a flexible and fast website, with the ability to create tiered roles for content contributors – so they can contribute without destroying or changing your whole site.

In modern times where valuable, original content is king. The ability to quickly create and control that content is obviously a tool with enormous value. But with many budget ‘agencies’ offering WordPress sites as low as £200-£300, and many agencies charging as much as £15,000 – £20,000. There’s a lot of confusion about what the cost of a WordPress site should be.

It’s a fair question, and one without a definitive answer. What I will say is that you should always be sceptical of any agency offering fixed prices based solely on the number of pages (which is basically all of the cheap ones). Without knowing how you want the page to look, function, and how much content you need creating, it’s impossible to know how much time a page or site will take.

Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right

Also, make sure that you’re not paying way over the odds for your site. Unless you need a large e-commerce site (in which case you shouldn’t be looking at WordPress developers anyway), or functionality to support thousands of simultaneous users, you shouldn’t be looking at a price that makes your eyes water.

This is where you can quickly identify an agency which cares about its customers, and an agency that just wants to make money. Hint: You should REALLY avoid the latter – getting a website made is just the beginning of your relationship with a designer, and you don’t want one that’s trying to rip you off at every corner.

An agency that cares about its customers doesn’t make promises it might not be able to keep. So when you ask the inevitable question of “how much?” unless you’ve already spoken about your project’s requirements, the response should always be more questions. Questions like “how many pages do you expect to have?”, “will you be providing the copy?”, we’ll write a post to let you know exactly what information you should be given before you can get an accurate price – a vague brief always means a vague price.

Any agency that cares is an agency that asks and answers questions. If you don’t ask many, you should expect them to. If they don’t – run a mile.

Are You Tired Of Being Ripped Off By Developers?

You don’t need to put up with it. Oddbox was founded on the values of transparency and integrity, just because you don’t fully understand web design (and why would you be paying an agency if you did) doesn’t mean you should be paying over the odds. We see how much it happens in the industry and decided to do something about it – we’re an agency that cares.

If you’d like to talk to us or ask questions about us building a site, or working on your current site, you can reach us on social media, here on our site, or simply email us at info@oddboxstudio.co.uk. Talk to you soon!