For many writers, bloggers, and publishers this might seem like a silly question. The answer, however, will probably not be what you think.

As the primary source of revenue for a lot of publications and bloggers, advertising is the lifeblood of the creative writing industry. Yet it is getting harder and harder to earn a decent living with advertising, why is that? Adblockers will be the first answer most authors will give, second probably to blaming the advertising scheme they use. Sorry to say both of these answers are incorrect.

Adblockers Aren’t Bad For Advertising

Ad blockers are not the enemy here, it is the obnoxious placement and overuse of ads that was and remains to be the problem. That’s the reason why as many as 30% of internet users are now using adblocker extensions. It’s a problem spiralling out of control, and publishers are making it worse by trying to combat the decrease in revenue by simply placing more ads – a pretty terrible user experience.

Readers are not coming to your webpage to see adverts, they come to see high-quality, original content, so it’s important that your advertising doesn’t interfere with that goal.

Ad Partner Policy Is Not The Problem Either

You will also hear a lot of publishers blaming the policies of advertising schemes like Adsense or, claiming that they are overly restrictive. What they forget, however, is that the purpose of advertising is not to generate money for the publisher, it is to generate traffic/sales for the item advertised.

This is most effectively done by placing a few highly relevant ads in easy to see but not obstructive places on the page. Most important, though, is that the content on the page is original and useful. Placing hundreds of adverts that sacrifice user experience for the sake of extra impressions is not going to lead to any clicks, other than the X button, most likely followed by the back button to get away from the obnoxious advertising. I know that’s what I’d do.

So What Is The Solution?

The key thing publishers need to keep in mind when using on-page advertising is user experience. Display unobtrusive ads in just a few places per page. If it will be (or could be) useful to your customer – then it’s a great advert. It’s really that simple.

Your readers will be thankful for the nice experience, and potentially the adverts too. The advertisers will be thankful for sending high-quality traffic. The advertising service will be thankful for not giving their service a bad name. Your wallet will thank you for actually generating clicks, and having any kind of return audience.

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