There are just a few fonts taking up an overwhelming portion of the internet and marketing at the moment. If you want to have any chance to have your brand, marketing, and words to stand out, they need to look different. 

Font combinations are a great way to do that. Most of the featured fonts are available, which is just about the best source of free fonts on the interwebs, it’s also updated pretty frequently. Here are 10 suggestions we came up with of totally free to use fonts, that don’t include the big 5 overused fonts of 2018:

Playfair Display is a display font that looks great with most sans-serif fonts. You can feel free to play around with these, but I think that Avenir is a great font to go with it. Montserrat is also a great alternative, it’s a lovely sans-serif font but also one of the big 5 fonts of 2018 so not part of this list.

Merriweather is one of my favourite serif fonts, and really commands attention, it adds a degree of professionalism to your posts. Catamaran is a sans-serif font that shares some characteristics, such as the short arm on the r, that I think makes it a great companion to Merriweather.

Fun fonts are in fairly short supply on the internet, companies that are willing to not take themselves too seriously could benefit from adding a more playful font to their arsenal. Unkempt is a great playful font that also remains highly legible. Questrial is a modern sans-serif that is super easy to read and uses some really nice variations on some letters that make it more of a joy to read than a more standard sans-serif font.

Block Serif fonts command attention. Rockwell is one such font. Quicksand is another quirky sans-serif, which is similar to Questrial. It uses slightly more extravagant text decoration but I think that Rockwell pulls it back in line.

Futura has seen a decline in popularity in 2017/2018. It was one of the most popular fonts up to 2016. Combined with Times you can give your content a professional yet retro feel.

Rubik is a superbold sans-serif with ever so slightly rounded edges that mean it looks great with other rounded sans-serifs such as the much under-appreciated Nunito. Nunito is a great alternative to Lato.

Monospace type means that each character takes up the same amount of space. Source Code Variable and Courier are both monospace and compliment each other really well. Courier New is a modern development of the original Courier font, which was made to optimise legibility on computer screens – it remains one of the most used fonts for programming and ‘plain text’ for that reason. 

Another take on Display and Sans-Serif. Jaldi compliments Damion well by having evenly structured characters that add a degree of control to the handwritten style of the Damion font. It is probably best to avoid long sentences with handwritten fonts.

Old and new. Times bold adds credibility to any website, it’s immediately recognisable as it has been one of the most popular fonts for newspaper for decades. Combine with a modern font for easier reading online – ASAP is a great modern sans-serif font for that.

Merriweather just had to feature twice – it’s one of my favourite and most versatile fonts to use. Krona One is technically a sans-serif font, but could also be considered a display font, and one that’s worth incorporating into your marketing material – provided it suits your brand of course.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you make your online presence stand out from the crowd. Oddbox specialise in helping companies stand out online, get in touch and we’d be happy to suggest improvements to your brand and website, and what we can do for you.